The Skunk in the Laundry Room?

skunkWould it even occur to you that a skunk could possibly get into your laundry room? It has happened. A skunk is easy to notice. A homeowner went to the laundry room to get the cloths from the dryer. The entire room smelled of the skunk. The familiar odor is very noticeable on a Saturday morning. The skunk had entered a vent in the laundry room. The homeowner did not want to tangle with a skunk in the laundry room. Emergency wildlife was contacted and saved the entire day. Most homeowners will not want to tangle with an unwanted skunk in their laundry room. It would not occur to the average person that a skunk would invade their laundry room. You will definitely be the first to know if a skunk has entered your laundry room. This is easy to notice.

The Clever Rodent

The rat or mouse are typically viewed as unsanitary rodents. The rodent is a clever little creature. Beware of the unsanitary rodent that may be lurking or hiding in your environment. It is a good idea for every homeowner in Atlanta to enforce new habits in their home and inspect their homes for different methods for keeping the rodent out of your environment. If you have discovered that you have been invaded by the clever rodent, keep in mind that time is very valuable. You will not want rodents to thrive in your environment. If this clever little creature likes what they see, they will not want to leave. The time to take action is immediately. A professional will have the necessary tools to safely evict the unwanted rodent. You can prevent and prevent this rodent from a future invasion. A survey of the interior and of the exterior can be done on any building or structure. You or a professional can check for the following:

* cracks
* open pipes
* every possible point of entry
* any gaps that are one and one fourth inches wide
If you have found any points of entry, they can be sealed off and the rodent will be excluded from your structure and environment. The unsanitary rodent will not be welcome in your home.

rodentWonderful Wildlife

Most people will admit that wildlife is wonderful and adds color and interest to our community. Wildlife is enjoyed from a distance. Wildlife can be safely removed if it invades human space. There are numerous methods that will keep the wildlife where it belongs. Humane methods will keep our wildlife happy and our environments safe and cleanly.