Humane and Professional Wildlife Specialists

wildlife specialistThose who are trained in wildlife, are those individuals who are qualified to find needed solutions when conflicts arise. These are conflicts between wildlife and people. A wildlife specialist can offer your their expertise. It may surprise you to know that our beautiful wildlife can be handled safely and without causing harm to them. It is a good idea to contact a specialist prior to an infestation. There can be many conflicts that arise when wildlife invades your space. A professional wildlife specialist can provide exceptional services in your home environment or your work environment. Controlling wildlife can be done without causing harm to anyone or any critter. Safe and humane squirrel removal atlanta methods are available.

Wildlife in Your Space?

It is not hard to determine if you have a wildlife invasion in your home or work space. There are some clear clues that will alert you to the fact that you do indeed have wildlife invading your space. The signs to alert you will include the following:

* scratching noises coming from your attic
* any gnawing at the lead flashings on plumbing stacks that are on the roof (a squirrel will gnaw)
* your lights do not work properly
* for no reason your alarm systems activate
* issues with cable TV
* any electrical problems
* an unexplained issue with your landline phone

If you notice anything out of the ordinary or a sudden problem arises with plumbing or electrical, you may have a wildlife invasion in your space. If you remain alert to your surroundings, you will notice any signs of wildlife. Wildlife in a building can cause many problems. Keep in mind that many critters like to nibble on various items in your home or office building.

Bats in Your Attic?

batIt is important to know that an ordinary bat will only need approximately three eighths of an inch in order to enter a building. The bat has very small teeth. Their tiny little teeth enable them to delight in many flying insects that fly at night. If you notice a rub mark at an entry area, or if you see little droppings that might be stuck to the wall or even near their entry area, there is a good chance that you have bats in your attic. The bat gives off a strong and foul ammonia odor. This is a smell of their urine. This can soak into structural wood or even in drywall. Keep in mind that a bat should not be interrupted during their maternity period. This is from April 15th to August 15th. Humane Bat Removal is a good option if you have bats in your attic.